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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Discernment Weekend in NYC

Dear Friends and Family,

We just returned from our initial trip to NYC for our Discernment Weekend with the Salesians. The trip was designed to learn more about their organization, the work of the Salesians, and to confirm our and their interests in missionary life and work.

The trip was wonderful. The Salesians were just what we thought and more. Both Liz and I match well with the organization and their spirituality. The next step for us is to continue to purge our possessions, get all our responsibilities in order, assist Mackenzie to prepare to leave for college in August, and prepare for our next trip to NYC.

Our next trip will be July 23- August 15th. During this trip we will learn more about cross cultural relationships, service work, missionary life, community living, and mentally prepare for mission. After the training we will return home for 2 weeks to say good-bye to our friends and parishioners and then depart for mission.

We are so excited for this opportunity and also for all of you who have supported us financially and spiritually. It is through you and your efforts that we are able to follow our call.


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